…is lowkey maybe the coolest person you'll ever meet. They are a wildly-romantic writer whose life goals include such lofty aspirations as reinventing the whole of English literary tradition, tearing down gender and building something new in its place, and living to see the mature age of 35. They also made this website lol.

If you're fixing to get ahold of them, aka me, one of the methods below is your best option:

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I was reading college romances and I decided that I wanted better college romances so I decided to write a better college romance and that's Vague. Vague tells the story of a freshman girl named Violet Oliver who goes to a pretentious liberal-arts college with the intentions of achieving academic and financial success and finds people and relationships waiting for her there instead. It's experimental structuralist fiction which draws heavily on poëtic resonance, comparative literature, and the lesser-known intricacies of the English language.

Vague 01 has been released on Wattpad and Itch, or you can read it in beautiful HTML here.


So I like, totally created a language.

Now I know what you're thinking: umm go i'm pretty sure any nerd with a random particle generator can make a language you just stick part A to part B and call it something but this one's actually pretty cool. Sevensi [􁈍􁈉􁈒􁈍􁈑] is a fictional language (WIP) designed for its distinct character and relative etymological independence. It has been in development off-and-on for roughly seven years and features a unique script and cultural and literary traditions.

By which I mean there's hypothetical classics like Manifestation of Clarity and Romance of New Nation and chronicled etymologies involving vowel shifts and consonant transformations. We can talk about dating texts based on whether they're written using active or passive constructions or employ the -l plural particle and we can examine the history of vowel harmonies and article agreement. It's all super interesting stuff, even to me, even though I've been there for every step of the way, which is the sign of a job well done imo.

Alongside the language proper, I've developed a number of tools necessary for proper language documentation and usage, such as the LREC file format, the LANGDEV in Unicode specification, and Unifont LANGDEV. You can find a brief overview of the language on the LANGDEV Project website, and a primer for the Classical branch of the language is forthcoming.


Lite! is a lighthearted magical teen story about witches, demons, and saving the day. I'm not working on it directly at the moment, but the the (non-canonical) pilot episode has been completed and you can read it now if you want a taste of what this project will entail. It's probable that I'll begin Lite proper once Vague (see above) has run it's course.