Is your name really Gô, like, G-O, like, the word?

Yes my name is really do you really think I don't know my own name lol.

Okay actually my name is Margaret which got shortened to Margo which got shortened to just because my friends are incredibly lazy so now that's what I go by. I also go by Kibigo sometimes.

How do you pronounce your name? / Why is there a circumflex?

You pronounce it [ɡoʊ], like the English word. The circumflex is actually just there to distinguish it from the verb, because otherwise things like Go get me a drink become nigh-indecipherable from Go, get me a drink and that's just confusing. I chose to use a circumflex over other punctuation marks because (a) Gō-with-a-macron is a boy's name and I'm not a boy, (b) accents and diæreses don't really make sense for one-syllable words, and (c) it kinda looks like a hat and that's cute.

You can leave off the circumflex if you want it just makes things more confusing sometimes.

What are your qualifications?

I'm a BA in Gender Studies from Whitman College with a concentration in queer theory who did their senior thesis on queer identities in digital spaces. And while just because you're not a Math major doesn't necessarily mean you aren't good at math (I was almost a Math major and humbly speaking I am more qualified than some of the people who were), and just because you're not a Gender Studies major doesn't mean you don't understand gender, it's fair to say that since I am a Gender Studies major and did kinda dedicate four years of study to this stuff I probably know what I'm talking about there at least a little bit. I did work in technology, marketing, and communications for the student body while I was in college and also wrote opinion pieces in the student newspaper. I've been writing stories since I was literally six years old and have nearly all of them categorized and on file. You should ask me about them sometimes.

So what's the deal with your pronouns anyway?

Sry bae it's a secret luv u tho 😘︎.

Dude please give me your precise identity signifiers so that I can properly delineate you inside the vast multidimensional intersectionality matrix I have created inside my head.

This isn't really a question it's more of a request. Also no. (What are you, Facebook?)

How did you make this site?

HTML. Some CSS. A tiny bit of JavaScript just on the front page.

What, I'm serious.

It's hosted on GitHub Pages and uses Google Fonts for most of the font stuff but otherwise it's all classic hand-coded Interwebs despite its apparent elegance. Feel free to browse the source and maybe someday you can make cool websites too.