Introducing: Mastodon GO!

With it finally nearing a state of somewhat-completion, and since I was taking a two-day sabbatical from coding anyway, I've decided to put together a somewhat more formal presentation of what I've been working on for the past few months—in case you've missed the toots, it's a new frontend for Mastodon, called Mastodon GO!.

Custom Emoji for Mastodon

So in glitch-soc recently an idea that's been talked about A Bunch is custom instance emoji for Mastodon. The purpose of this post is to give a rough outline of what that would look like and how it might get implemented.

A Sevensi Creation Story

If one wishes to understand the nature of the world, first one must understand the nature of Energy.

Vague 01 Retrospective

Part of the reason I wrote Vague is that I like romances and I want other people to like romances so I wanted to write a good romance for them to like. But with writing especially and romance especially it's hard to understand what's happening if you don't understand what is trying to be said.

Mastodon Wishlist (1/?)

Having been on Mastodon now for like eight months or so, I decided to write up some of the features that I've thought would be cool to have. Some of these have already been proposed, some are things I've just sorta gone wouldn't it be cool if… on.

Everything You Need to Know About Mastodon's New Privacy Settings

In version 1.3 of the Mastodon software, the Mastodon development team made changes to how post privacy settings work—particularly, with respect to the private post setting. In this post, we'll take an in-depth look at Mastodon's privacy features, and answer a few common questions about the change.