A Sevensi Creation Story

A Sevensi Creation Story

If one wishes to understand the nature of the world, first one must understand the nature of Energy. For verily is it evident, as clearly1 as there is a sun in the sky or ground underfoot, that all energy comes in two forms. The first of these is the energy of motion, of masculine strength, of heat and light and all which is known to change in the world. The second form of energy is the energy of stasis, of feminine insight,2 of cold and darkness and all that which holds true to its form. In the beginning, these energies were mixed, and there was no structure or order to the world. Over time, like muddy water becoming clear,3 the energy of stasis settled down and formed the ground, and the energy of motion rose up to form the heavens. Notice how the earth remains as sturdy as the strongest bridge while the sky is in constant flux, and you will know what I tell you to be true. And so Earth and Heaven were born from Chaos.4

For a time, the world was split cleanly in two, and this arrangement pleased Earth, as the structure reflected her stable nature, and she was allowed to exist without Heaven's corrupting influence. Heaven, however, was less than pleased. He longed for the days of Chaos5 wherein the form of the world was constantly changing, and to this end he sent his seed6 down on Earth, and showered her with light and rain, and so plants began to grow upon her surface. In response to this violation, Earth rose up great mountains from the ground, holding Heaven forever a distance away.7 But the damage had already been done. And so Life was born in the space between Earth and Heaven.

Having been birthed by Earth, Life knew the value of being firm and resolute. But having been fathered by Heaven, Life felt the need to grow and change. Like the tallest of trees, Life had feet in the ground and a head which towered into the sky.8 Everywhere he walked, flowers bloomed and seeds began to sprout. Earth looked on this in dispair, seeing the energy being stripped from her very body. But Life knew9 his mother, and arranged for all that he had taken to one day be returned. And so Death was born from Earth and Life.

Whereas the nature of Life is to persist through change, the nature of Death is to act to subdue, and the two have always circled each other thusly. Plants which had once grown without end were now devoured, returned to the soil from which they had come. These creatures, in return, were hunted or met with disease. And so from Life and Death came every living thing which has ever walked the world.


1. Note that the word clearly also can have the sense wholly or purely.

2. Positive energy is frequently associated with action and emotion, whereas negative energy is frequently associated with insight and knowledge. This reflects Classical Sevensi's cultural associations with women as planners or thinkers, and men as workers or other actors.

3. Again, one might instead interpret this as pure.

4. The capitalized words in this passage are rendered using the animate particle in Sevensi and so might rightly be interpreted as names.

5. Whether Chaos is dead, still sleeping, or ever-present is a matter of some theological and philosophical debate.

6. Literal seeds. There are sexual undertones here, but Heaven and Earth are not usually personified in the Sevensi tradition.

7. While Heaven's seed tainted Earth, it is her pushing of him away which created the space for something new to emerge, namely Life.

8. Although personified, Life is not so much a single being as the lifeforce which pervades all living things. For example, it would be remiss to ask which came first, Life or the plants which graced Earth's surface. They are one and the same.

9. The meaning here is not so much “remembered” as “had an understanding of.” The biblical meaning of “had sexual intercourse with” is not extant in Sevensi.